What I offer and How I work

My Supervision Philosophy 

I see supervision as bringing together the therapeutic and training aspects of my work. In supervision I seek to provide a consistent, safe and nurturing relationship which allows a collaborative, open and meaningful exploration of  how you experience both the breath and depth of your therapeutic work with clients.

“…A good supervisory relationship is the best way we know to ensure that we keep our hearts and minds open to ourselves and our clients…”

Hawkins and Shohet, 2006

Although exploration of client work will play an important part of supervision work I think it is equally important to place you, the therapist, at the centre of the process and for all subsequent exploration to emerge from this subjective experiencing of your client work.

I also believe, and have experienced, how effectively supervision can work in a cross-theoretical relationship as well as with therapists with person-centred sensibilities.

How I Work

An important aspect of  how I work is to offer you a regular opportunity to bring how you work with clients to supervision. I will make sure I can offer you an amount of supervision that is appropriate to the number of client hours you have worked and also meets mandatory professional requirement. For example the one and a half hours a month currently required by the BACP for its members.

I recognise that there might also be times when contact my be required, outside of our regular work, in order to support you client work, and I am very willing to discuss with you how this might best work between us when we meet.

For trainee counsellors I can also provide additional supervision to support the gaining of qualifications and professional accreditation.